All times eastern time zone.


12:00 Opening Remarks

12:15-1:45 Panel 1: Forensic Practice and Its Critiques

Malachy Browne, New York Times, “Visual Investigations at The New York Times”

Patrick Brian Smith, University of Warwick, “Futurist Forensics”

Bora Erden, SITU Research, “Eavesdropping: On the Comparative Counter Forensic Value of Light and Sound”

2:00 Conversation, Q&A

Eyal Weizman, Forensic Architecture

3:30-5:00  Panel 2: Forensic Contexts

LaCharles Ward, University of Pennsylvania, “Suspended in Exclusions”

Greg Siegel, UC Santa Barbara, “Railway Noise, the Forensic Phonautograph, and the Problem of ‘Delicacy’”

Tory Jeffay, Dartmouth College, “The Missing Frames: Media Forensics in the Rodney King Trial”


12:00 Demonstration

Giancarlo Fiorella, Bellingcat, “Geolocating Images in Conflict Zones” 

2:00-3:30 Panel 3: The Real and the Fake

Sandra Ristovska, University of Colorado Boulder,  “Deepfakes, Epistemological Uncertainty, and the Challenges with Visual Legal Evidence”

Joshua Glick, Bard College, “The Synthetic Real: Ethics, Aesthetics, and Craft of AI Documentary”

Mitali Thakor, Wesleyan University, “Artifice Intelligence: Deep Fake Porn Panic and the Production of Didactic Fakes”

3:30 Closing Roundtable Discussion